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 Most of our NECKLACE SETS are handmade and are sold as shown.

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Learn more about the various glass pieces of Fused Glass Necklaces  Sets here on our site. We’re passionate about our glass and want to share that passion with you.

Our exquisite FUSED GLASS PIECES may be ordered in various colors. Each color variety has many different and beautiful combinations. Of course, you may order an assortment, and let us pick for you so you will be dazzled and surprised. We offer Reds, Greens & Blues, Blues & Purples, Pinks, Teals, Whites, Coppers & Golds, Silvers. Some of the newest and most beautiful combinations are impossible to categorize.  Most earrings come in Wire and Post Earrings, Pendants, with and without wrapping and lots of ART, BOWLS, DISHES.

Fused glass, also called warm glass or kiln-formed glass is a technique used to join together pieces of glass in a kiln. The kiln must be fired at temperatures of about 1,100 and 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit and while this may seem very hot to most people, it is actually very low compared to other technique

Dichroic Glass:  The word "dichroic", pronounced Dye-Cro-Ick, is derived from two Greek roots, "di" for two and "chroma" for color. So "dichroic" literally means "two-colored."  You may hear dichroic glass referred to as "dichro" for short or even as "chameleon glass".  Dichroic glass can be used as an element in glass blowing, bead making and of course glass fusing.  The most distinctive feature of dichroic glass is that it seems to have more than one color, especially when viewed from different angles. For example, a particular formulation will appear blue, but shift the dichroic glass slightly and the color will transition to green. It adds Flash and pizzaz to glass.