Nancy’s Touch of Class features high quality Art Glass, Jewelry and Stained Glass.  Including: Fused Artwork, Bowls, Dishes and Platters, Angels, Crosses, Nightlights,  Ornaments, Holiday Items, Coaster and Votives & Candle Holder and fun items and Gifts. Fused glass necklaces, earrings, pendants, cross pendants and Necklace sets.

Plus we gladly accept custom orders on most fused glass. Just let us know what you want at our email or text. or 620-521-1151. 

Nancy's Touch of Class is your dedicated and caring supplier of  the highest quality Fused Glass Art, Stained Glass,  Jewelry, and many other items!

Our exquisite FUSED GIFT AND FUN ITEMS are sold as shown.

We gladly accept special orders of $50 and more.

Experience the Fused Glass Giftware.

What is your Color Choice? (for yourself or as a gift)

Learn more about the various glass pieces of Fused Glass Giftware here on our site.

We’re passionate about our glass and want to share that passion with you.